3 tips for good gut health

I have been reading extensively about gut health and it is something I want to start write more about as I learn. 

The three lay ups for anyone who wants to improve gut health are:

Limit how much red meat you consume in the week 

Tough one for me as I love eating red meat. Being more intentional and switching it out for healthier alternatives like fish is the way to go.

Limit ultra processed foods

I do pretty well to stay clear of junk food like crisps and candy. The big culprits like seed oils and coloring found in almost all sauces is also something to avoid. I was astonished to see how pervasive emulsifiers, sweeteners, and colors are in all of our food. 

Limit Anti Biotics

I have personally seen the damage regular antibiotics has done to multiple friends and family members. I avoid them like the plague now and only if I really need to take them do I agree. Stay clear as much as possible.

The above three tips are simple but difficult to follow.

Doing so has been beneficial for me, your mileage can vary.

(None of the above is a medical advice and you should speak to your doctor before making any changes)

Published July 8, 2024