Turned 42

Reflecting on the crazy year which I have had so far:

→ Biggest change was moving to Dubai. It has been a smooth transition and looking forward to connecting with many more entrepreneurs locally.

→ At the end of last year High Output Ventures had 75+ in a shared resource capacity to help our portfolio. We changed strategy and all shared resources were spun out as their own agency with P&L responsibility. I am very happy with how this has played out. Will write more about this later.

→ Our company strategy has also focused far more on the acquisition on service based businesses instead of starting them from scratch. We did 2 transactions in the last 12 months and there were many learnings to share.

→ I have stopped contributing to venture funds as an asset class and also haven't done a venture investment in the last 7 months either. I believe AI will continue to reduce the cost of starting and scaling businesses and venture will be more focused on hard tech.

→ Been married for nearly 2 years now and that has definitely brought far more balance to my life. My wife has been a critical support and can confidently say having a supportive partner is a massive propellent to improve oneself both personally and professionally.

→ Getting and working with a personal trainer massively impacted my health and well-being. The accountability you get with someone getting you to train 3 times a week is huge. Plus he has also helped with my diet.

→ Writing has become a core part of my daily process now. Looking forward to also sharing my personal blog soon with everyone which will have more posts like this versus the ones only focused on entrepreneurship.

→ While I traveled a lot for work over the last 12 months, I would have liked to do more personal trips which is something I am aiming to do in the coming year ahead.

→ I didn't read as much this year. I found myself rereading books. I want to increase this in the coming year and share more with all of you as well.

It felt good to write this post, I used to do these every year and stopped a couple of years ago. These are always fun posts to look back on.

Published July 7, 2024