AI is coming for your job

This seems to be a daily occurrence on my feed now.

In essence, all the digital tools we use to do our work every day is producing data for AI to learn how to that same job faster, cheaper and better.

Today we are hearing from a designer but yesterday I heard from an accountant as to how Quickbooks is doing something similar to render that job redundant too.

While changing your tools is a temporary solution, I would want to play the longer game here. Assuming Figma will be able to generate a pixel perfect landing page with an expert prompt in a few years, how will I be able to leverage that?

We have to skate to where the puck is going and not where it is right now.

  • Learn how to use these generative AI tools today

  • Learn how to structure and construct prompts

  • Get closer to your customers and learn about their goals

Here are just a sample of the few questions I have had today:

  1. Github → AI Agent Developers

  2. Quickbooks → AI Agent Accountants

  3. Figma → AI Agent Designers

  4. Tesla → AI Agent Drivers

I wouldn’t fight this trend, I would start seriously learning how I can leverage it.

Published July 5, 2024